Comprehensive Integrations that WORK

One Page Inventory includes omnichannel integrations that are both thorough and precise, ensuring reliable results from their seamless interplay with the core OPI software suite. Our team is dedicated to consistently enhancing OPI with thoughtfully designed integrations and continually updating our existing ones. We never consider our integrations as, “done.”

One Page Inventory is designed with a focus on Worldwide Amazon FBA and FBM inventory management.

From the beginning we sought out to handle Amazon data with higher accuracy and attention to detail than other tools on the market, presenting it within OPI’s interface for a unified, comprehensive view of your products across global marketplaces. Like all of our integrations, this one is never “done.” We are constantly adding more functionality to the Amazon integration.

More than just an “Inventory Qty” number

The OPI Amazon integration took years of careful research and planning to execute properly. It’s far more than just a number.

Selling schemes handled correctly

Distance selling, Pan-European/MFN and other selling schemes are handled correctly to avoid duplication of inventory quantities and sales.

Obsessive accuracy

Our ethos is anchored in a deep commitment to data precision, ensuring the tools you trust are as reliable as the decisions they inform.


One Page Inventory seamlessly incorporates sellers’ unique Shopify stores into its interface, allowing for a consolidated view alongside other e-commerce channels. This integration facilitates instant access to comparative analytics on sales trends, inventory quantities, historical sales figures, and more. Like all of our integrations, this one is never “done.” We are constantly adding more functionality to the Shopify integration.

Shopify: Fully integrated into the system

Sales velocity and inventory quantities are aggregated into totals and included in formulas like quantity to order from manufacturers.

Graphs that inform

Graphs of sales trends and additional visual data provide immediate comparative insights with other channels in the software.

Multiple Shopify stores supported

Multiple Shopify stores? Easily integrate them all into One Page Inventory for a single-page overview and unified data synthesis.

One Page Inventory integrates the increasingly popular Walmart marketplace with comprehensive data and visuals. Inventory breakdowns and sales history are front and center for quick comparison with other marketplaces. Like all of our integrations, this one is never “done.” We are constantly adding more functionality to the Walmart integration.

Walmart marketplace insights

Access valuable insights and secure a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving channel poised to deliver a surge in sales.

Sales history and sales velocity

Walmart displays sales velocity for restocking purposes, yet aggregates it for a comprehensive view of overall sales-channel performance.

Inventory status per ship node

Inventory quantities with status allocations like available and reserved are precisely categorized for immediate understanding.

One Page Inventory integrates the Seller Cloud platform to display a range of product data such as inventory levels in ,multiple warehouse locations, sales velocity and sales history, and more. Many users combine the features of OPI with the information already present in their Seller Cloud accounts for a powerful and complete inventory management solution.

Current processes can remain unchanged

Your current SellerCloud processes can stay the same while leveraging the powerful OPI platform, translating to big time and dollar savings.

Tight integration with the OPI core suite

Formulas throughout the OPI platform, such as quantity to order from your manufacturer, are tightly integrated with your SellerCloud account.

Multiple warehouse locations

Sync an infinite number of warehouse locations from your SellerCloud account to show their quantities real-time in OPI columns,

One Page Inventory provides seamless 3PL integration, offering real-time display of warehouse quantities and product flow, keeping logistics constantly updated. Replenishment from third-parties into platforms like Amazon FBA is effortlessly tracked and integrated within the complete OPI suite.

Side-by-side visual comparison

Gain a holistic view by displaying 3PL warehouse quantities next to other sales channels, enabling efficient, unified inventory oversight.

Calculate Accurate manufacturer order quantity

Access to integrated 3PL data empowers you to make informed, timely ordering decisions with manufacturers, ensuring supply chain alignment.

Stay in perfect sync with your 3PL

Maintain constant synchronization with your 3PL through mutual awareness of inventory levels, outbound shipments, and key data.


One Page Inventory revolutionizes warehouse management with its user-friendly yet comprehensive suite. It streamlines operations, offering substantial time savings. Product movements are presented in an easy-to-understand, unified format, integrated with other systems for a complete operational overview. Like all of our integrations, this one is never “done.” We are constantly adding more functionality to the Warehouse integration.

Simple updating across multiple warehouses

Incorporate unlimited warehouses and update their quantities swiftly. All data is readily accessible, enhancing insight and understanding.

Seamless warehouse inventory transfers

Optimize warehouse inventory transfers with clear inbound and outbound indicators for precise tracking, including partial transfers.

Automatic updating from sales-channel activity

Shipments to sales channels like Amazon FBA inbound automatically adjust your warehouse quantities, maintaining accuracy and control.

Custom Integrations

One Page Inventory specializes in providing customized integrations, enabling you to gain full command over your product inventory and sales dynamics. Please contact us with your particular integration requirements, and explore the myriad ways we can support your business objectives.

Enhanced inventory and sales control

Gain unparalleled control over inventory and sales with our custom integrations, driving operational efficiency and informed decision-making.

Real-Time Data Insights

Seamlessly integrate your current data with One Page Inventory, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks and optimizing both time and cost efficiency.

Dedicated support and consultation

Our team offers exceptional support, guiding you in optimizing our solutions to meet and exceed your unique business needs.

Customers Say One Page Inventory is Awesome

Simple, intuitive design with all of our inventory and sales data in one spreadsheet-like view. This is the software we’ve been looking for.”

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