Omnichannel Inventory Management for Professional E-commerce Sellers & Agencies

Manage onmichannel e-commerce inventory with all channels and inventory locations side-by side, in one view.
Designed for serious sellers, built for the future of e-commerce

Some of our happy customers

“One Page Inventory has streamlined our approach to managing our e-commerce product catalog, offering a clear and immediate view of all our SKUs at a glance across our marketplaces. The OPI development team also provided a bespoke integration, which has been particularly useful for monitoring stock levels across our various warehouse locations. Their service has been a solid addition to our operations, and I’d recommend them to others in need of efficient e-commerce inventory management solutions.”

“In our industry, trust is essential, and One Page Inventory has gained ours. OPI has been a pivotal tool for our approach to Amazon FBA, ensuring accuracy and reliability for our clients. While other platforms stumble with anomalies like Prime day and seasonality, OPI is specifically designed to handle these challenges. Managing replenishment is straightforward, far surpassing the hassles of other software. We highly recommend it to Amazon agencies and sellers.”

Worldwide Amazon Marketplace Integrations

Solve your business blind spots with 360° Amazon oversight

Additional Integrations

Thoughtfully-designed integrations that are continuously updated

One-of-a-Kind Interface

The One Page Inventory interface is a combination of spreadsheet views and graphic visuals. It’s fast, it’s trustworthy, and everyone in your organization can use it. No longer do you need to “pull reports” for insight. It’s all there, right in front of you.

Views designed to mirror your thinking

SKUs are vertical, marketplaces are horizontal. The data is separate and aggregated. It’s fast because this is how you imagine it should be.

Deep data NOT deeply hidden

Additional information is always needed, and it’s available in popups instead of reports. Hover to see it then click away to come back.

Transparency that builds trust

Formulas are exposed to the surface and combined with visuals to help you understand, and trust, the proper handling of your inventory.

Dedicated to helping you grow

Omnichannel e-commerce is an ever-changing game. Our sole mission is to help your business grow through accurate inventory handling, a goal that keeps us working night and day. This intense focus translates to accurate handling of data, well-designed features and robust integrations.

Inventory management sole focus

Our sole software focus is managing your inventory successfully. This translates to a high-quality tool that does what we say it will do.

Bi-weekly software updates

Our development team is constantly active – releasing updates every two weeks with new features, new integrations, and user requests.

Expert and immediate support

Software questions? Feature requests? We want to hear from you. Our average response time is 2 hours or less during business hours.

Customers Say One Page Inventory is Awesome

“Simple, intuitive design with all of our inventory and sales data in one spreadsheet-like view. This is the software we’ve been looking for.

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