Features designed to help you gain inventory clarity quickly

The interface is unique, the way we display information is painstakingly debated, the formulas we use are actually accurate. Every feature is reimagined to genuinely help you grow your e-commerce, multi-channel business.

One-of-a-Kind Interface

Views designed to mirror your thinking

SKUs are vertical, marketplaces are horizontal. The data is separate and aggregated. It’s fast because this is how you imagine it should be.

Deep data NOT deeply hidden

Additional information is always needed, and it’s available in popups instead of reports. Hover to see it then click away to come back.

Transparency that builds trust

Accurate Sales by SKU

Sales velocity is core to accurate inventory management and marketplace replenishment, yet it can be difficult to accurately define. Our intelligent formulas analyze your velocity and adjust as needed, while our features are there to fine-tune to your particular business needs. All with elegant visuals.

Amazon-centric ASIN handling

Data buckets are specifically built to handle the complexity of Amazon. FBA/FBM switching, ASIN stacking, etc. are all accounted for accurately.

Aggregated sales across marketplaces

Marketplace sales are viewable separately as well as aggregated to build into “master” formulas like quantity to order from manufacturer.

Stockouts and other anomalies considered

Anomolies can make or break inventory management accuracy. OPI learns your particular sales situation over time and adjusts accordingly.

Beautiful and Clear Reporting

The OPI interface is a live report in itself, blending the typical static report with the ability to see updated data as it changes. When flat reports are needed, outputs for sales, inventory status, and other details are readily accessible.

Quick send options for agencies

Managing multiple e-commerce clients is simple with our quick-send reporting features. One click and the client is in the know. Easy. Fast.

Live reporting within the interface

Other software is built to make you draw reports and compare data. Our data is comparable, sortable, and actionable right from the UI.

Beautiful reports that anyone can understand

Ever heard that a PDF inventory report is “beautiful?” Wait till you see ours! They are carefully designed and updated regularly.

Comprehensive Inventory Breakdowns

Your current inventory levels form the basis of your inventory needs. OPI shows inventory breakdowns in marketplaces like Amazon where the total number may be misleading (think FC Processing), and carefully considers how to handle your inventory buckets.

Marketplaces are excluded to provide accurate numbers, such as in the case of distance selling from one country to another.

Aggregated marketplaces and warehouses

Inventory quantities and breakdowns can be instantly viewed separately or as totals across all marketplaces and/or warehouses.

Amazon selling schemes considered

OPI handles schemes like distance selling from USA to Canada, or Pan-European/EFN. Without these options the numbers will simply be wrong.

Totals that build to PO placement

Easily choose which marketplace or warehouse inventory levels to consider when placing accurate POs with your manufacturers.

Intuitive Sales Forecasting

Forecasting sales is important to properly order from your manufacturers, yet we found other tools make the process confusing and overly complex.

OPI simplifies forecasting by automatically aggregating your sales history and applying the right formulas to help you plan future demand. Our forecast tool is quick and easy to use, with descriptions behind every formula for clarity.

Fine-tuning on the fly

Easily adjust the Sales basis months (your normal sales periods) and watch the forecast change on the fly. Look… we made forecasting fun!

Aggregated forecast quantities

All sales channels for one SKU are combined together to understand what to order from your manufacturers and to plan future demand.

Batch forecast updating

Update numerous products in your catalog all at once with our batch forecast update feature. Less time clicking, more time growing.

Detailed Stockouts Handling

One Page Inventory exists to keep you in stock, but stockouts do sometimes happen. We automatically detect stockouts when they occur and offer a stockout selection feature to ensure your sales velocity and ordering formulas are as accurate as possible.

Quick historical stockouts selection

Historical sales are displayed on a graph with the option to quickly select stockout periods and accurately affect sales velocity formulas.

Automatic daily stockouts detection

OPI uses a specific method to automatically differentiate between stockouts and no sales days and indicate them accordingly.

Trustworthy Sales Velocity

Careful tracking of stockouts is essential for a dependable sales velocity calculation, a detail-oriented approach that is reflected in OPI.

Manufacturer Ordering

Selling across multiple e-commerce channels means varying inventory levels and unique sales velocities. Add in warehouse in-stock quantities, manufacturer on-order, and pretty quickly you have a spiderweb of data to analyze. OPI tracks all of these data buckets separately and aggregates them into easily-digestible PO placement formulas that are accurate and trustworthy.

Transparent formulas

Every component of our formulas are displayed with background calculations for complete understanding and transparency.

Complete sales-channel aggregation

Every marketplace, sales-channel, and warehouse is included in the formulas, with the ability to fine-tune as needed.

Over or under-ordering eliminated

Account for PO placement with on-order quantities to eliminate timing gaps and incorrect ordering situations.

Timely Replenishment

OPI simplifies the often complex questions of what to replenish, when to replenish, and how much to send with ease. Crystal clear formulas and settings options combine with the unique OPI interface to offer actionable replenishment insights.

Graphical status indicators

Replenishment status and requirements are viewable in a graphical popup with all relevant information included. No more guessing.

Accurate replenishment formulas

Correct calculations and settings form the basis of accurate replenishment. OPI got this right so you can trust the suggestions.

Sales-channel segregation

All Amazon and other sales channels are segregated yet viewable together for complete 360° replenishment clarity.

Profitability, Fees, and COGS

Successful inventory management is often heavily intertwined with tight financial management. OPI calculates profitability using marketplace pricing, individual and aggregated fees, and cost of goods sold figures, exposing your true bottom line.

Dollar value decision making

Make replenishment and manufacturer ordering decisions based on profitability, not just sales velocity. Is there a product you should kill?

Amazon fees exposed

Amazon fees are incredibly important to know yet often overlooked. OPI exposes your fees to the surface for quick analysis and comparison.

Individual marketplace landed costs

Landed costs to ship FBA stock domestically differ greatly to those internationally. OPI handles separate landed costs with ease.