Manage inventory across multiple brands

with speed and accuracy

Agency and multi-brand account managers love the speed of One Page Inventory.

No other software provides the same level of accuracy and ease-of-use.

Agency dashboard

All accounts accessed and managed from one place. Single click login to each account, with all accounts available to manage in one Chrome tab.

High priority feature development

In addition to priority same-day support, OPI multi brand clients receive access to our top-tier feature development pipeline.

Minimal training required

Game-changing Inventory Software for Agencies

“OnePage inventory software has been a game-changer for our agency, significantly streamlining our replenishment and demand planning processes. We’ve been overwhelmingly satisfied with its performance and features. The customer service level provided by OnePage has been exemplary and consistently exceeds our expectations.”

“In our industry, trust is essential, and One Page Inventory has gained ours. OPI has been a pivotal tool for our approach to Amazon FBA, ensuring accuracy and reliability for our clients. While other platforms stumble with anomalies like Prime day and seasonality, OPI is specifically designed to handle these challenges. Managing replenishment is straightforward, far surpassing the hassles of other software. We highly recommend it to Amazon agencies and sellers.”

“It finally feels like we’ve solved inventory management for good.“

“As an Amazon agency, managing inventory across many clients has always been a challenge for us. We’ve tried a handful of different tools on the market, but they were always over-engineered, and couldn’t give us a straightforward view to maintain healthy inventory levels and ultimately avoid running out of stock. Over time, we’d typically revert back to manual spreadsheets – but downloading reports from Seller Central and copy/pasting didn’t scale well. The overall layout of OnePage is our favorite part of the tool. It has the familiarity of a spreadsheet, but with superpowers.

We can easily filter and sort various columns, and always know how much inventory to send in at the SKU level. We love that we can customize inputs such as lead time, desired days of cover, and the minimum number of days we want in stock at all times. Every client has slightly different needs, and OPI allows us to adjust for that.Since opening this tool up to our account managers, there have been zero complaints. It just works. We’re able to consistently stay on top of inventory for our clients.”

You’ll be in great company